Realm Studio v1.17.1

1.17.1: Upgrading Realm JSv1.17.1

Changes since v1.16.1


Version 1.17.0 was skipped as a failed attempt to merge in the Realm Cloud channel.

NOTE: This release was drafted on GitHub again because of a regression ( to avoid any other Linux users downloading this version. The latest linux was also reverted to 1.16.1 on S3 - Mac and Windows users will be experiencing an auto-updating upon initial install because of this.


MacOS (Apple Disk Image)62.5 MB

MacOS (Zip archive)59.8 MB

Windows (installer)43.6 MB

Windows (standalone)43.5 MB

Windows (Zip archive)69.1 MB

Linux (AppImage)67.4 MB

Linux (Tar archive)63.4 MB